I started my career working at a printing company named Mercagraf, where I learned about color management, retouching and how to properly prepare the PDF’s for print.

It was there where I became inspired by all the designs and photographs that came my way, I decided that I wanted to be on this field and start learning more about them.

But once you master a skill you want to go further and for me video was the next logical step to take, since my mind seems to think in motion first and then freeze the frame.


I see two of my major strengths being my adaptability and organization skills. I am able to jump easily from being a designer, to a coder, to software and hardware technician, to video-editing and photography and I am also a fast decision maker. This adaptability can also be seen in my design work where I am able to handle any task I’m given for web, multimedia, motion, branding, or print.

Work Qualities

  • Fast and able to work under pressure
  • Capable of doing a massive range of styles rather than just my own
  • Excellent knowledge of software pros and cons, when creating designs for multiple media

Personal Qualities

  • Friendly, inquisitive, hardworking, funny, eager and passionate
  • I have the ability to learn on my own
  • Great communication skills



  • English
  • Spanish

Color Management

My experience working on a printing company has given me great expertise on the subject of color management since I also understand the ink process from start to finish.


I have extensive experience working on both MAC & PC.


  • Final Cut Studio 3
  • Motion
  • Color
  • Soundtrack
  • Compressor
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • After Effects CS4
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Experience with Panasonic HD Camcorders
  • Knowledgeable of Green Screen Studio Lighting
  • Knowledgeable of video formats and resolutions


  • Photoshop CS4
  • Lightroom CS4
  • FireWorks CS4
  • I use Canon equipment but I am familiar with Nikon as well
  • Experience with Studio Lighting Techniques
  • I have extensive experience retouching images and preparing them for publication

Web Design

  • xHTML - CSS
  • Dreamweaver CS4
  • Flash CS4
  • SWFObjects 2
  • I also have a good understanding of JavaScript and Action Script 3
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Print Design

  • InDesign CS4
  • Illustrator CS4
  • Acrobat Pro CS4
  • Adobe Distiller
  • I can also create Interactive PDF’s and Forms


I keep myself updated with the latest software and techniques. Please see my full list of certifications by following this link.


  • Freelance Print Graphic Designer since 1997
  • Freelance Photographer since 2007
  • Freelance Video Editor / Motion Graphics since 2007
  • Freelance Web Graphic Designer since 2008

Please visit my Flash ebsite for samples of my work by installing the Flash Player plug-in.


Currently living in New York City

Phone: 917 543 4071


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